The University of Arizona

182 Lecture Sections

Fall 2016

ECOL 182R (Introductory Biology II) Students enrolling in 182R should also consider enrolling in a lab section (182L).

Following are 182 Lecture Sections as listed by the registrar's office:

Course Link Section(s) Instructors
Biology 182 D2L 001-LEC(44596) Katrina Mangin
Biology 182 002-LEC(65653) William Schaffer
Biology 182 003-LEC(66954) William Schaffer
Biology 182 003A-DIS(66982) William Shaffer
Biology 182 D2L 004-LEC(66979) Michael Rosenzweig

Additional lecture schedule and instructor information may be found at the course listings maintained by the registrar's office.