The University of Arizona


This facility is available for students enrolled in biology related classes. It is a Macintosh based lab offering primarily e-mail and world-wide-web access. The lab also has specialized software used for specific biology assignments. The BLC is not a printing facility. The Following are guidelines for students wishing to use the Biology Learning Center.

No Food Sign No Food Sign

Food and drinks are allowed in the BLC but must be placed on the table at the front of the room. Food and drinks are not allowed at the computer stations.

USB Sign

The BLC staff is not responsible for files saved to the BLC workstations but will be responsible for helping assure that your files are properly saved to your own media. We suggest either using a USB flash memory device or attaching your file to an email.

Questions Sign

The BLC has one or more lab monitors available for assistance during operating hours. The monitors are adept at operating the computers and can assist with basic e-mail, web access, and general information about assignments. Detailed questions must be referred to a TA or Tutor from your course. Many Tutors hold office hours in the BLC. Schedules are posted at the entry to the BLC.

No Printing Sign

The BLC is not a printing facility. The closest lab where printing is available is located on the ground floor of the Science and Engineering Building located directly to the east of the Koffler Building.