Pathways, partners and gene counting: Genetic techniques are commonly used to learn about the relationship between the products of genes and their functions. In this section, working with Brewer's yeast, you'll discover how to take a disparate set of mutants and determine how many genes are represented in the mutant collection, in what order they act, and how to discover new members of the pathway. You'll also be exposed to the vagaries of meiosis and its shuffling effect on genes combinations.

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Yeast facts (.pdf)
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PathFinder 'HowTo' guidance

To get the Shockwave plug-in that is required to run the simulations, click the icon below. You'll need to follow a series of installation instructions; just do as your told and click 'yes' whenever it asks your permission to do anything. It's a big (1Meg) download, but you'll only need to do it once. You may already have it installed; if you try the simulation, it will either run OK or take you through the download process.