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MCB422: Problem Solving with Genetic Tools

This course is likely different from any other you have taken.
It's NOT a course to learn basic GENETICS!
MCB422 is about expanding your problem solving skills by applying genetic tools. You will be challenged to think clearly and creatively.

In contrast to the traditional format of biology lab courses, MCB422 relies entirely on computer simulations of classical genetic experiments. MCB422 features three major topics (modules):

Logic diagrams with LucidChart

a) MendelStar (genetics of segregation and phenotype)
A useful starting tool: x_plorer

b) Cricket (phage genetics) features classical experiments deducing the nature of genes and the genetic code as originally performed by Seymour Benzer, Sir Francis Crick, and many others;

c) PathFinder (yeast genetics) features modern experiments designed to genetically dissect molecular signaling pathways of the cell cycle.

It will be your task to solve ~18 genetic problems (6 per topic) by developing an experimental strategy and succesfully executing it. You will be assessed not only on successful completion of the task at hand but also on how you documented your approach, insights, and experimental findings in your notebook report.

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Executable versions: Uber422
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Some background basics: Punnett squares & inheritance visualization

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Some verbiage you might find interesting:
Having ideas; attacking problems

A Problem solving algorithm

Deductive Thinking Exercises